Significance of Satmya as well as Asatmya in Our Every Day Life

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Significance of Satmya as well as Asatmya in Our Every Day Life

Some individuals choose hot food while some can not endure zesty food. It all depends on the satmya as well as asatmya of the individual. Which is various for every individual so in this write-up we will certainly be looking at the principle of satmya and also asatmya

The medications, food, way of living problems, and also environment which is regular and also ideal for the individual are recognized as satmaya (charak/vi/1/ 20) this idea is likewise understood as upshya in ayurveda. The medications, food, way of life problems, and also environment which is not ideal for the individual as well as are not adjusted to it are understood as asatmya.

It is likewise made use of when suggesting medications for the person as well as additionally while offering the diet regimen and also way of living adjustments. Satmya as well as Asatmya can be researched according to Doshas Prakriti, Condition.

SORTS OF SATMYA (charak/vi/1/ 20).
Based upon the sort of food and also their rasa we can categorize satmya according to:.

Pravar satmya.
Avar satmya.
Madhyam satmya.
Pravar satmya- Is a kind of satmya in which an individual can take all the foods which have a solitary rasa or foods consisting of all 6 rasas.

Avar satmya- It is a sort of satmya in which an individual can consume just one kind of rasa.

Madhyam satmya- it is a kind of satmya in which an individual has the ability to take food in between avar and also pravar satmya like foods which have 2-3-4-5 rasa. The foods which an individual can not endure are called asatmya.

Prakriti satmya.
Desha satmya.
Ritu satmya.
Vyadhi satmya.
Swabhav satmya.
Jaati satmya.
Vaya satmya.


Everyone has a various type of Prakriti we can claim its body constitution of the individual, our body is composed of tridoshas i.e. vata, pitta, kapha and also each person have various steps of kapha, pitta as well as vata as a result of which each person have various type of prakritis of their body which can be solitary dosha controlled or mix of 2 doshas. (charak/sutrasthana/8/ 40).

Various Prakriti individuals have various kinds of satmya for their bodies.

Vaat prakriti individuals will certainly be satmya to damp and also warm food as well as will certainly be asatmya to completely dry food, completely dry weather condition, extreme workout etc
. Pitt prakriti individuals will certainly be satmya to cool environment, doing much less extreme job as well as asatmya to hot and also warm food, warm atmosphere.
Kapha prakriti individuals are satmya to lavan ras, warm atmosphere, they have much more power to satmya to high strength workouts however asatmya to chilly food, cool atmosphere etc.


It describes an individual’s viability for a certain geographical location. Individuals staying in a certain location have various sort of food routines as well as way of livings.

There are 3 sorts of desha informed in ayurveda.

Jaangal desha- which mainly have actually dried out homes of the location, plants and also pets which expand in the location are likewise having completely dry buildings and also worsen vata and also pitta dosha so satmya for these individuals will certainly be damp or foods which are sneh yukta.
Anup desha- which is additionally called marshy land, pets as well as plants expanded there will certainly have kapha irritating residential properties. Individuals living there will certainly likewise have even more kapha dosha in them so satmya for them is warm or completely dry sort of food.
Sadharan desha- it is the regular sort of land which has all 3 doshas in well balanced type as well as where all the environments are modest in problem so individuals living there will certainly have the ability to endure each sort of food.
Individuals that can not adhere to the way of living or consumption of foods which are discussed for the details desha are referred to as asatmya desha.


It is a kind of satmya according to various weather problems, various environments have various type of satmya.

In ayurveda there are 6 kinds of ritus (environment) and also according to which every ritu has various sort of diet plan as well as way of living referrals in ayurveda.

Grishma ritu (summer season environment)- anulepan of chandan, staying in a chilly space, cold water, sweetened water, meat of pets residing in jangal desha, sattu combined with ghee.
Shishir ritu (late winters months)- this climate has satmya of warm strength food, oily foods, foods consisting of salts or sour foods, and also can additionally take meat from pets which are expanded in marshy lands or fish.
Vasant ritu (springtime period)- In this ritu workout, chandamn lepa, barley millet, wheat flour etc
. Varsha ritu (stormy period)- Can take honey, old barley millet, wheat, salted and also sour food, oily food, ubtan using and so on can be utilized.
Sharad ritu (Fall period)- wonderful food, light food, foods which do not build up pitta dosha.
Hemant ritu (very early winter seasons)- like shishir ritu.
As various ritus have various type of satmya, every ritu additionally has various type of asatmya. The way of livings as well as foods which are contraindicated in every ritu is asatmya for that ritu.


It appropriates according to the nature of every condition that is various, doshas consisted of in every vyadhi is various. There are persistent as well as intense problems of the illness so diet regimen and also way of lives are made according to that as an example: In rheumatoid joint inflammation black lentils are not ideal, yavagu is chosen in virtually every illness, cozy water is useful for food digestion, and also in severe problems, curd in loosened movements


It describes viability according to various teams of individuals as charak has actually defined mom’s milk as ideal for babies. As well as the unsuitability of particular foods and also way of living is called swabhav asatmya.


it can be recognized as viability of particular foods or way of life in various types like wheat appropriates for people and also turf in appropriate for pets as well as meat appropriates for predators. And also foods or way of livings which disagree for various sort of varieties are referred to as jaati asatmya like turf disagrees for human beings and so on 7. VAYA SATMYA (Age).
And also like this the foods that are to be prevented for various age teams. Strong foods are to be stayed clear of for babies and so on is recognized as asatmya.


It refers to the satmyta of the foods or way of life that are not healthy and balanced or need to be prevented to remain healthy and balanced however with the usage of foods and also way of life like this body has actually adjusted to the food or way of life and also medication etc

.- zesty and also warm food is asatmya for individuals having pitt prakriti or individuals living in jangal desh yet with the day-to-day method of this kind of food, individuals do not have actually any problems related to pitta doshas.

it is useful in the medical diagnosis of illness if an individual is worsening the signs and symptoms of an illness after intaking oily food after that it can be comprehended that the illness is triggered by Kapha dosha, if signs of the condition are worsening in the Hemant ritu i.e. very early wintertimes that implies it is a type of pitta problem.


It has an essential function in therapy likewise, as the medications are made a decision after the expertise of illness as well as taking a look at what are the satmya for the illness as defined in vyadhi samya.

Diet plan adjustments are likewise done after the understanding of the satmya asatmya of the individual. The rasayan treatments are likewise provided after the understanding of satmya as well as preferable outcomes of the people.
If it is satmya for the patient who is lean and emaciated we can not give Vamana therapy to that patient, every type of panchakarma therapy is also only performed.

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